painter and designer

Artistic convictions

In my works I use visual metaphors, and even in illustrations I try to convey underlying concepts not particular scenes. One of the leading themes in my works is formation of personality and factors which influence the process.

Subjects of my pictures are often connected with night dreams as they give us an opportunity to better understand ourselves through a dialogue with our subconscious mind. Dreams are not only material for psychoanalysis but also an escape from the reality of the modern world, which is becoming increasingly chaotic and unstable. Moreover, advanced technologies are changing our idea of the border between real and virtual, which influences stability and wholeness of psyche. My style has been greatly influenced by the surrealism of Salvador Dali, but now I’m starting to notice that contrast between surrealism and laws of reality isn’t that obvious.

The choice of an artistic technique is determined by its ability to convey my ideas. At university I studied Russian lacquer miniature painting, which appeared in the 18th century and is based on a classical oil painting technique. It allows creating art pieces with very fine and realistic elaboration of details, which is important for my concepts where some images should be quickly perceived.

Later, the mastery of this technique helped me work more efficiently with computer graphics, where not only are physical materials imitated, but also new tools appear. To create my artworks I use digital painting, 3D, neural networks and animation. We live in a difficult but exciting time, where technologies frighten and fascinate with their abilities at the same time. For me they are the source of new means of communication in art, the way to make my visual language more expressive and precise.


I was born in Moscow in 1983 in a family of an artist and a programmer, which influenced my career choice and determined my interest in advanced technologies.

I studied art at the faculty of Design and Applied Arts at Moscow State University of Service and finished it with a specialization in miniature painting. Since I was a child, I have been taking part in numerous art exhibitions and competitions, and in 2011, I joined a Creative Union of Designers.


  • 2024, april — Festival ZLOfest at the Gorki Film Studio (Moscow);
  • 2021, april-may — International exhibition & competition of modern art "Russian art week" in the Danilovsky Congress Hall (Moscow);
  • 2018, may-june — Exhibition in the in the Museum-reserve "Dmitrov Kremlin" (Dmitrov, Russia);
  • 2015, october-november — "Confession in Color" - exhibition in the Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art (Moscow);
  • 2014, july — Interational aviation and space show "Farnborough 2014", a supurb of London, UK, design for multi-touch application;
  • 2013, november — "War" - on-line exhibition by the international art collective SlashTHREE, illustration "Inner War" (link);
  • 2013, august — International Aviation amd Space Show "MAKS 2013", airport "Rameskoe", Russia, design foe interactive multi-touch application;
  • 2012, march — "Fairy Tales" - on-line exhibition by the international art collective SlashTHREE, illustration "Awakening" (link);
  • 2012, january — "Rainbow in Winter" - exhibition by the Union of Designers held in the Museum of Man (Moscow);
  • 2010 — Icon Museum (Moscow);
  • 2008 — Exhibition for young painters of Moscow Artists Union, hall "Na Begovoy" (Moscow);
  • 2006 — Exhibition in "Gallery Tonne a/s" (Oslo, Norway);
  • 2006 — Exhibition in "Summer Gallery" (Malaga, Spain);
  • 2005 — Exhibition for young painters of Moscow Artists Union, Kuznetsky Most exhibition hall (Moscow);
  • 2004 — History museum (Greve, Denmark).


  • 2021 — diploma international exhibition "Artweek" for the first place in competition "Digital art", nomination "Photo manipulation", Moscow;
  • 2021 — diploma international exhibition "Artweek" for the first place in competition "Digital art", nomination "Digital-experiment", Moscow;
  • 2012, january, 19 — diploma of the exhibition and contest "Rainbow in Winter" (Moscow);
  • 2009 — diploma of the contest "Russian Flash Awards" for winning in nomination "AIR / Flex";
  • 2004 — diploma of the exhibition in Historical museum in Greve, Denmark.


  • the artbook "Moscow Comic Convention 2016", illustration "Revelation";
  • the magazine "Photoshop Creative", Issue 79; (september, 23, 2011), three illustrations ("Metamorphosis", "The Flight", "Lyrics and Music");
  • art album "Russian Lacquer Painting XXI Century" (L. Pirogova, Interbook Business, 2006), picture "Lights and Darkness".