Kseniya Lvova | design, illustrations, visual effects

About me

Kseniya Lvova | Russia, Moscow
illustrations, design, visual effects

The themes I prefer in my art are surrealistic contrasts and metamorphoses, and unity of opposites. I create illustrations both to order and devoted to my own worlds. I also develop interactive projects (websites, multi-touch apps, etc.) together with a programmer Sergey Chekanov (www.darkclients.com). Since childhood I have participated in art exhibitions and contests, studied painting at Moscow State University of Service (the Faculty of Design and Applied Arts, Specialty Miniature Painting). When a student, I took interest in digital art, as I realized that only computer graphics would allow me implement my ideas. Today I work with 2D and 3D technologies and animation and always strive to improve my skills. Yet the three-layer oil painting technique I’ve mastered still helps me to create digital pictures.

I’m a member of the Creative Designers Union and the international art collective SlashTHREE.


  • 2021 -diploma international exhibition "Artweek" for the first place in competition "Digital art", nomination "Photo manipulation", Moscow [open];
  • 2021 -diploma international exhibition "Artweek" for the first place in competition "Digital art", nomination "Digital-experiment", Moscow [open];
  • 2012 (january, 19) - diploma of the exhibition and contest “Rainbow in Winter” (Moscow) [open];
  • 2004 - diploma of the exhibition in Historical museum "Greve", Denmark [open];


  • Art album “Russian Lacquer Painting XXI Century" (L. Pirogova, Interbook Business, 2006), picture "Lights and Darkness" [open];
  • the magazine “Photoshop Creative”, Issue 79; (september, 23, 2011), three illustrations (“Metamorphosis”, “The Flight”, “Lyrics and Music”) [open].
  • the artbook “Moscow Comic Convention 2016”, illustration “Revelation” [open].

L. Pirogova (art critic of All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art): “Young Moscow artist K. Lvova wins hearts with originality of her talent, the acute nonacceptance of evil, the uncompromising artistic language of her works”.

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