painter and designer



“Farewell“ – illustration for “The Last Kingdom“, a trilogy by Vladimir Shirogorov. This is an allegory of the parting of lovers expressed through the image of a tree parting with its foliage. Artwork was featured for Picture Of The Week on 14.03.2011 at Advanced Photoshop magazine (link) and Daily Deviation on 17.03.2011 at deviantart.com (link).

The Flight


“The Flight” – illustration for “I Don’t Need Them” by Vladimir Shirogorov. The plot of this novel – telling about the loss of love – inspired me to depict a love drama as a butterfly, bringing the faces of the main characters on its outspread wings. Love is a flight, which sometimes comes to a fall.

The Foresight of the Past


Illustration for collected articles "The Foresight of the Past" by Vladimir Shirogorov. This is an metaphor of the Death of the old order and the Birth of the new one.

The Dance of Moments


The symphony of our feelings and emotions flies apart in moments that disappear instantly, just like autumn leaves gone with the wind. However, the four seasons are infinitely rotating and would never stop for a moment their cosmic dance. Its beauty is made of the moments when trees are blossoming or delicate snowflakes are melting. illustration for the series of poems by Vladimir Shirogorov. (link)

Inner war


It’s so difficult to choose the right way being harried by contradictions. Illustration was created for the exhibition "War" by the international art collective SlashTHREE (link).



illustration for “The Last Kingdom“, a trilogy by Vladimir Shirogorov. This image was inspired by the twin characters representing good and evil.



“Venenation” – illustration for “The Last Kingdom“, a trilogy by Vladimir Shirogorov. The idea of being poisoned by power penetrates all the parts of this trilogy, so I decided to depict is as a venomous flow-serpent that is trying to catch the characters being at their time a part of them.

The Twilight Chronicle


Illustration for “The Twilight Chronicle” by Vladimir Shirogorov. Here, I wanted to convey the mood of “The Twilight Chronicle” – a mixture of mysticism and decadence in the midst of prerevolutionary St. Petersburg.



Illustration for “Catchers” by Vladimir Shirogorov. A novel about the catchers of human souls and wolves, who become victims themselves.



illustration for «Sleeping Beauty» by Charles Perrault. The illustration was included into «The outstanding contributions» of the exhibition Fairy Tales by SlashTHREE (link).



“Hypocrisy“ - Illustration for “Their Inside“ by Vladimir Shirogorov. The book deals with the hypocrisy of the world of politics, so I tried to convey this theme by this metaphor.



“Genesis“ - illustration for “Rogov“, a story by Vladimir Shirogorov. Here I showed the process of creation of a new civilization, anthropogenic and biologic simultaneously.



Illustration for “Music“ section of Vladimir Shirogorov’s website (the project is in the pipeline). In this section, one can find the songs based on the lyrics of “Somebody Nobody” (a novel by Vladimir Shirogorov) poems (a CD with the songs comes with the book).

Dark Electro Industrial


Background illustration for Dark Electro Industrial, music analytics website. By this work, I wanted to convey the atmosphere and aesthetics of the music trend, to which the website is dedicated. I tried to imagine how the style of Dark Electro Industrial would look like if it were a living being.



“Metamorphosis” – illustration for “Somebody Nobody”. It’s a symbol of the unity of opposites, a subtle line between the beautiful and the ugly, a girl as a flower, yet a flower carnivorous and dangerous.



Background illustration for darkextinkt.com. Here, I depicted animals and plants from different periods of the Earth history.