Kseniya Lvova | illustrations, art webdesign, visual effects



Chekanov Sergey | Russia, Moscow
fascinated software developer

Sphere of interest:

  • Adobe Flex / AIR applications, different level of complexity;
  • dynamic flash sites / frameworks;
  • on server side: Java (+ BlazeDS) and PHP (generally).

During development Sergey makes an emphasis on usability, ergonomics and visual appeal of interfaces.

He is interested in commercial and non-commercial projects, both complex business applications and art projects.


Valentina Smolenskaya | Russia, Moscow
miniature paintings, graphic arts

Valentina Smolenskaya lives and creates in Moscow. In 1977 she graduated from Moscow Technology Institute as miniature lacquer painter. For 6 years Valentina has been working at Fedoskino Miniature Painting factory near Moscow.

Today, Valentina Smolenskaya is an independent artist; she also teaches in Russian State University for Tourism and Services as an associate professor of Applied arts department and is the allied member of Moscow Artists Union. Since 1979 Valentina has been actively participating in Moscow, regional and international exhibitions. She has several solo exhibitions:

  • 1994 г. All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art, Moscow;
  • 1994 г. Russian Collection gallery, Chicago;
  • 1994 г. Russian Collection Gallery, Washington, Atlanta, Chicago;
  • 1999 г. showroom “Tushino”, Moscow;
  • 2000 г. David Andersen jewelry company, Oslo;
  • 2004 г. Historical Museum «Greve» , Denmark;
  • 2005 г. “Gallery Tonne a/s”, Norway.
  • 2006 г. “Summer gallery”, Spain.

The artist’s rich inner world has allowed her to create a series of images inspired by Russian history and literature, Slavic and Scandinavian myths, as well as her own fantasy and imagination. Her works are distinguished by deep penetration into the subject, elaborate technique and beautiful theme realization.

The miniatures by Valentina Smolenskaya can be found in All-Russian Museum of Decorative Applied and Folk Art, Fedoskino Museum, as well as in private collections in the U.S., Great Britain, France, Norway, Spain, etc.

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